Advent Calender day 23: A Knit-ivity

He’s been very quiet so far this season, but who else could play Joseph in the knitted footballer nativity other than Queen’s Park Ranger’s Joseph Barton? Angel Di Maria has kindly hung up his angel’s wings to play Mary, but who do those bright twinkly eyes belong to? None other than the baby Jesus Navas,…

Advent Calender Day 22: A Heavenly Pair

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without some angels. Here we have two – Swansea’s Angel Rangel and Manchester United’s Angel Di Maria. They look as good as gold with their wings and halos, don’t they?

Advent Calender day 21: Three Wise Men?

Arsene Wenger, Manuel Pellegrini and Jose Mourinho are all trying to follow the same star in the transfer market, but who will be the lucky one to get them to sign for their club? All claim to be wise, but only one is special!

Advent calender day 20: ‘Bah Humbug!’

Poor Alan ‘Cratchit’ Pardew has come cap in hand, to beg for some funds to ease the load on his injured squad in the January transfer window. However, it looks like Newcastle United’s owner, Mike ‘Ebenezer’ Ashley isn’t about to part with any cash without a fight. Who knows, maybe he’ll get a visit from…

Advent calender day 18: A Little & Large Christmas Special

Liverpool’s Joe Allen and Swansea’s Nathan Dyer are having a lovely afternoon catching up on old times while decorating the tree. Luckily Stoke’s Peter Crouch is on hand to help with the, er ….. more elevated parts that are difficult to reach!