Germany Miss a Penalty and USA Reach the Final

Sasic misses enalty, USA through to final

While last night’s semi-final of the Women’s World Cup didn’t need to go to extra time or the dreaded penalty shoot out to establish the USA as victors, penalties were certainly part of the story.The first half was hard fought by both sides. The USA created the most chances on goal but failed to convert them, and the scoreline remained goalless at the halftime break.

In the second half, Germany were awarded a penalty after Alexandra Popp was pulled down by Julie Johnston, but Celia Sasic, who has scored six goals so far during the tournament, struck the ball wide, and the USA were given a reprieve. Ten minutes later and it was the turn of the USA to step up to the penalty spot after Alex Morgan was blocked by Annike Krahn. Captain Carli Lloyd scored putting the Olympic Champions, USA ahead. Despite Germany’s relentless attack the USA’s defence proved impenetrable. As Germany fought to claw back an equaliser, their hopes were dashed when substitute Kelly O’Hara scored a second for USA in the 84th minute.

USA will play either Japan or England in the final at 00:00 Sunday night/ Monday morning.


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