Villa’s heavy loss under Gunners’ rapid fire

Sanchez scores stunner in FA Cup final

The FA Cup final at Wembley was won convincingly for the 12th time yesterday by an Arsenal side at their scintillating best. Despite only recently returning from injury, Theo Walcott has been in great form in his past few appearances for the Gunners giving Arsene Wenger added difficulties in choosing his side. His decision to start him paid off with Walcott finding the net in the fortieth minute and putting Arsenal ahead.

Aston Villa failed to make any impression on the match throughout the full ninety minutes and failed to dampen Arsenal’s relentless attack. The Gunners went on to score four, with a goal a piece from Mertesacker and substitute, Giroud, but it was the magnificent shot from Alexis Sanchez not long after the start of the second half that stole the limelight. The powerful blast ricocheted off the top bar and into the back of the net like a bullet, demonstrating the extraordinary talent he has brought to the club all season.

It was a miserable day for Tim Sherwood, who will have to content himself with having kept Aston Villa above the clutches of relegation. Clearly, an FA Cup triumph was a miracle too far out of reach, and his team looked tired and out-classed from the start to the final whistle.


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