Walk On, Stevie G, Walk On

Steven Gerrard leaves Liverpool FC after 17 years loyal service.

After seventeen years of loyal service, Steven Gerrard was given an emotional send off by the Liverpool faithful yesterday. This last home match at Anfield was also Gerrard’s 709th match wearing a Liverpool shirt, and was only marred only by the scoreline. Despite going a goal ahead thanks to a shot by Lallana, Liverpool were defeated 1-3 to visitors, Crystal Palace.

In his post match interview Gerrard admitted, “It’s a day I’ve been dreading, because I will miss it so much.”, but “I am very proud looking back at the last 17 years and I will never forget this day.


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  1. Ste J says:

    It’s been impressive service to one club, you don’t see that very often, shame they didn’t nick the title from Man City last season.

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    1. Sarah says:

      It would have been good for Gerrard to have had the win not long before bowing out. They had a sensational season, and then they blew it against Crystal Palace, I think it was. Suarez was in tears, it was awful – they came so close. I can’t see them having as good a chance at the title as that any time soon now Suarez has gone, Gerrard off across the pond and Sterling looking for a new home!


      1. Ste J says:

        The whole Sterling saga is shocking, Liverpool haven’t had the best of seasons but with plans to bring big players in and City looking for a new boss he should have waited longer before kicking off, so to speak.


      2. Sarah says:

        I’m not too surprised, to be honest, and I can’t really blame him for wanting Champions League. If he was any other club I don’t think anyone would bat an eyelid about him wanting to go, but particularly with Gerrard remaining so faithful to Liverpool, there’s an expectation amongst fans that players share their team loyalty and that just isn’t true for 99% of players in any club. Also, I think it’ll take more than bringing in new players to take Liverpool to the level of Chelsea or Man City. Losing Suarez was a huge loss. Despite his snacking preferences, he was a leader on the field as well as a goal magnet. With Gerrard going as well, I reckon you’re looking at a team at the same level as Spurs rather than a title contender.

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  2. Is that poor little Raheem about to spit out his dummy?? Bless!! Great work, my husband, the Blessed Bertie, is a huge Liverpool fan!! He’ll love this!


    1. Sarah says:

      Yes, that is baby Raheem with his dummy, hanging onto the leg of Stevie G – well spotted! I hope the Blessed Bertie likes it 🙂


      1. He loves it! In fact I think he’d like to buy the Luis Lector from you!!

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