Charlie Adam’s Messi Moment


Charlie Adam's wonder goal

If Mark Hughes had hoped to thwart Chelsea’s plans when Stoke arrived for their clash at Stamford Bridge yesterday, his heart must have sunk after Chelsea were awarded a penalty in the 39th minute. Hazard stepped up to the spot and scored his ninth penalty in the same number of attempts.

However, only five minutes later, Charlie Adam renewed that hope, after smashing a phenomenal equalizer past Chelsea goalkeeper Thibault Courtois, from over 65 yards away. Unfortunately for the Potters, a shot from Loic Remy meant that Chelsea came away with all three points at the end of the match. However, the score won’t be the thing that’s talked about from the match, it’ll be Adam’s wonder goal.

His cracking shot has been described as a moment of genius, with Jose Mourinho saying that it was the kind of goal that players like Lionel Messi aspire to: ‘It was a fantastic goal, every player in the world would like to score a goal like that. Diego Maradona to Lionel Messi to all these brilliant players’.

When interviewed after the match, Adam said ‘I never knew I had that much power, to beat a quality goalkeeper like that is something special. One that I will always remember. It was one of them that sat up nicely and I saw the goalie off his line. I was lucky enough that it went in. Once in a lifetime this can happen to you, it’s great on an individual level – a great way to get my 50th goal in English football’.

The goal may have been magnificent, but Adam couldn’t quite conjure the same magic in his celebratory robot dance afterwards. I don’t think ‘Strictly’ will be calling for your services just yet, Charlie!

As the table stands, Stoke stay in 10th position, and Chelsea remain at the top with a seven point lead.


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