Hop on the Bus, Gus!

Gus Poyet, Hop on the bus Gus, Sunderland FC,

Aston Villa’s season has been turned around since Tim Sherwood has been at the helm. Their emphatic 0-4 away win against Sunderland yesterday was the third win in a row since Sherwood’s appointment, and puts them three points clear of the relegation zone. With a brace each from Gabriel Agbonlahor and Christian Benteke, Villa were four goals up by half time, giving them their first away win since December.

Whilst Villa have had a change of fortune, Sunderland head ever closer to the drop zone, and pressure is mounting on Sunderland manager Gus Poyet. In the post match interview, he took the blame for the humiliating defeat:

“I am responsible. I am one of the few in football nowadays, I am honest…. When things go right I tell you I am responsible and when things go wrong I tell you I am responsible.”

Considering that Sunderland fans were leaving in their droves by half time, and those that remained boo-ed their team off the pitch and the angry outbursts directed at both at Poyet and the Sunderland bench, I’m not sure how far his words will go to placate the fans’ frustration as the relegation zone looms ever closer.


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