Derby Day of the Dead

the count

To add to the buzz of excitement of any derby, the clash of the Manchester Titans was scheduled for today – the ‘Day of the Dead’. One might think such a thing could have no effect on the outcome of a match, until that is, one considers that the man at the helm of Manchester City could easily be the Premier League’s very own Vincent Price stunt double, Count Manuel Pellegrini. OK, enough of the silliness, but the man does look like the undead. He does!

Anyway, Manchester City took the lead in the second half with a goal from Sergio Aguero. Man Utd were down to 10 men after Chris Smalling received a second yellow card in the first half.

United managed to hold City to a single goal lead, despite their disadvantage, blocking the blues attempts to kill off the game earlier. This was the fourth successive Premier league victory for City against Manchester United at the Etihad, and sees them third place in the table, six points behind Chelsea.

However, based on today’s performances of both sides, there’s a lot of work to do to have any real chance of catching Mourinho’s boys. If Louis Van Gaal’s squad looks patchy in defense, Count Pellegrini’s team don’t look hungry enough for the chase.


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