Sterling saves day as Liverpool caught napping.


sleepy sterling 1

In a thrilling match that saw four goals in the final eight minutes, it was a brilliant cross early on from Raheem Sterling, setting up Philippe Coutinho’s goal that ultimately edged the scoreline in Liverpool’s favour. The match against Queens Park Rangers at Loftus Road, ended 2-3 against the run of play.

Despite the recent media attention over being rested from International duties, and chants of ‘he sleeps when he likes’ ringing out across the stands, it was the rest of the Liverpool team that looked tired and lacking in energy, compared to the fresh-faced youngster.

Despite losing, QPR looked like a completely reinvigorated squad compared with their lacklustre performances so far this season. They were unlucky to come away with no points after dominating much of the game, but the character and work rate shown will give renewed hope to fans and management alike. At least their players have started to score, now they just need to work on finding the right net!


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